The backwater region of space around Mikunn exhibits a few oddities. The Mikunn system itself an escape landing point for two exiled imperial brothers who formed a feudal government and then expanded and won an election in the neighboring HR 7327 system. Their latest territory, being arranged as I write this, is a new station commissioned via the peace treaty brokered by the folks in Kwatee. For all their efforts at establishing fiefdoms the old-fashioned way, hiring mercenaries to wage little wars and acquire more space, all of their successes came from peaceful and democratic processes.

No less bizarre is the neighboring Sukua system. On the current galactic map the system comes up as Federation territory. Inside the system, however, there are two mining and refinery stations. Forest Depot, run by the feudal Sukua Noblement, remains independent while the other, Wang Base, an unsanctioned outpost, has a Federation allegiance tag and charge over the system but flies a pirate flag.

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Live Dangerously.

I knew a guy once who used to say that paranoia was an art. You have to find just the right level of paranoia to live effectively, happily. Too little, and people will walk all over you. Too much and you’ll get a visit from the folks in white coats who fit you with a jacket that encourages you to hug yourself and then escort you off to a room with soft walls. Shortly after I left Lugh I found myself reminded of that old advice when a strange message came across my comms panel.

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