Something fragile exists in the minds of people. Some delicate thing that, after exposure to living, sometimes cracks, sometimes shatters into pieces. The result can be entertaining, frightening, or simply sad. This isn’t exactly an uncommon occurrence either. Hell, it’s possible that it happens naturally, to everyone, at some point very early in our lives. We emerge from a warm, dark place, into a chaotic opening filled with bright lights and all sorts of smells and sounds that are constantly changing, and we cry out. It’s at that point that that tiny, fragile component of our minds gets its first crack. That first, ‘Holy shit, reality!’ reaction that we all have in our infancy. Then another cracked individual tries to comfort us.

Later on we meet our neighbors, other cracked individuals. People walking around with their own cracked little bits rattling around in their dome, sometimes a little more or sometimes a little less than others. In the case of Ahamad Cleaver, those bits might have been bouncing around up there a little too long, and rattled more of his other bits loose.

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