Witness: 27 September 2015

Firing the internet’s synapses, one link at a time.

AI apocalypse, harassment, or boon.
I actually wrote down notes for a story idea based on some of the concepts in points 4 and 5.

So they can beat us at chess, and can now beat us at 80’s video games. When they start winning Ultra Street Fighter IV tournaments then it’s time to rise up against the machines.

So many of these advice or thought experiment columns are inspired by fitness, because it’s the one thing a lot of people need to be doing but absolutely hate, but I like to also try and apply them to other aspects of life. Try this one for something other than fitness and see what you come up with.

Writing? Oh, no, just tell it to each other and remember, lest your ability to remember fade.

Annotations kinda bug me. I prefer reading the original work first, then rereading an annotated version later, if one is available. Start at it fresh, lost, confused, and try to make sense of it, then look to others for their interpretation.

I have always loved Weird Al’s way with words.

Here are some rules and little-known punctuation marks to go with that changing English language.

Such a malleable language, English of the future will sound very different than it does today.

But how many languages will merge with English to enhance it, or simply disappear altogether. Wired wonders if the internet is nailing a few coffins shut.

Steam Sales: Enslaved™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition

I often miss out on games as they’re released. Typically it’s because there’s no way I could afford to play all the games I’d like to play as they come out, let alone have the time to play them all, and then sometimes a game slips by that doesn’t get high reviews but happens to be a great game. Enslaved™: Odyssey to the West™ is one of those that landed in all three categories. I’d heard it was an often overlooked little gem, so I grabbed it during one of the Steam sales, and decided to give it a go.


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Witness: 20 September 2015

So here are a few recent ones I thought I’d strengthen by sharing…

I like the bit about removing the other person to check for the use of I or me. Wow, that sentence went deeper than a simple grammar checking trick.
Me, myself, and I.

I’m not sure that I’d agree that a schlimazel is an emotion, although it could be used to describe an emotional state for such a type of person. Still, as someone who frequently suffers from l’esprit de l’escalier, typically during moments of waldeinsamkeit, I really enjoyed this list. And now back to my day of duende and torschlusspanik.
7 emotions with no English equivalent.

It’s always such a joy to hear Vonnegut’s voice inside my head whenever reading his advice.
8 more tips from Vonnegut.

Happy? Here’s a link that can keep you busy trying to figure that out for a while. Research, history, little tests to see about your level of satisfaction in life. Good for a bored Sunday afternoon that’ll leave you with something to think about throughout the week.
Research identifies happiness?