Witness: 26 January 2016

“No, while most people have been at their unhappiest while in love, it is nevertheless the state the human being yearns for above all.”

Keep up on your ‘deep reading‘ techniques.

As VR headsets hit the market this year, don’t forget your cognitive biases to enhance your experience.

Another perspective on the psychology of stories; logic versus likeness.

Read literature and improve your state of mind. There’s a whole class on that.

Stream Schedule 2016, Part 1

So many great games, and so little time.  Here’s my plan for broadcasting games in the first half of 2016.

New Releases

Blade & Soul
Jan 19 NA/EU

Act 1: Blademaster, Forcemaster, Assassin
To get a feel for the game, I’m planning on playing through Act 1 of the story with three different classes.

Tom Clancy’s The Division
Beta Weekend: 29 Jan
Launch: 08 March

Open world, third person, shooter with a somewhat intriguing story of a plague ridden city gone wild.  A little post-apocalyptic mayhem and team play sounds like good times.  I’ll be streaming the beta weekend as well as launch.

09 February

Delightful atmospheric puzzle mystery that’s been, well, something of a mystery since it was announced.  I like a game that doesn’t spoil itself in Early Access, and this looks like it’ll be a great adventure story.

No Man’s Sky

Gorgeous, stylistic space exploration on a massive scale.  I loved the couple months I spent in Elite: Dangerous, so another foray into the expansive unknown sounds like a good time.

Steam Library

My Steam library is getting a little out of hand due to all the great sales.  Between the previously mentioned new releases, I’ll stream various games from my Steam library, including: Dishonored, Satellite Reign, Sid Meier’s Civilization V, Pillars of Eternity, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Modor, Dark Souls II, Sleeping Dogs, Batman Arkham Asylum and City, Bioshock Trilogy, Mark of the Ninja, and more.

Follow along on my Twitter feed for updates and announcements.

Witness: 9 January 2016

Enhanced vision and auditory processing and heightened recognition of new information in the environment at the cost of poor impulse control and being easily distracted. Would you like to play a game?

Hmm, super smart genetically engineered babies and smart drugs right around the corner? Maybe, now that we’ve figured out what to target.

After manipulating the brains of male and female mice, we’ve further reinforced that there’s no gender distinction in neural circuitry. Male and female mice do use their brains differently, however. Mice, remember. Mice.

On the removal of the self, and how the Japanese have stumbled upon it, whether for good or ill.

A strange line exists between the worlds of the cynic and the believer. Stories can be so very compelling.

The cow says, “moo,” and the rooster says, “kykkeliky.”

Shove a wire into my head and make me happy. Will optogenetics fix serious mental ailments, or become the next Prozac for the super wealthy?

Dolphins swim fast, eagles fly high, we have conversations. We’ve got mad skillz, yo.