Witness: 23 February 2016

Want to learn how to chew out your uncle for getting too drunk and making an ass of himself the ancient Roman way? Now you can.

I can’t fathom why knowing multiple languages is ever a bad thing, but damn it if science isn’t working to prove otherwise.

Is educating AI via stories something of a quixotic endeavor?

Oxford dictionary has a breakdown of some endangered languages.

A few videos this time…

Novelist Chimamanda Adichie gives a talk over at TED on getting perspective.

The ups and downs of AI are explored in this video to help clarify where we really are with this stuff.

Lastly, learn about the Grimm history of the Umlaut.

Witness: 07 February 2016

In the world of games and AI, recent news about a new Go AI capable of beating humans. Conscious Entities offers a summary.


Since we’re dropping maths, here’s some that explains selfishness.

I knew a guy who once admired certain people in this manner; presence. I never quite understood what he meant until now.

Many recently celebrated the birthday of The King of Reggae, so here’s a little Oxford Words Blog intro into Bob Marley and the culture, and a little something to smoke while ya irie ponderin’ Jah.

More on language, Ars Technica has meetup with the creator of the Belter language used in the popular Expanse books and now Cable TV series.