Witness: 29 April 2016

Why understanding ancient languages would be important when we discover time travel.

Because obviously we need to eat our pea(s).

I’m ready for Max Payne 4 where Max discovers all the pills he’s been eating came from a corrupt pharmaceutical company. He agrees to undergo a special procedure to get off the pills and stop the evil pharma.

If our biggest tech companies can create porn loving Nazi AI, the next obvious step in our discomfort is to upload it into a robot that asks us to touch its ass.

Then again, maybe this is why I spend too long in the shower. Too many dirty thoughts.

Ever wonder how evil you might be? BBC Future has a little test you can take to find out.

Feel like expressing your emotions while out and about? OED lists a few choice words.

But we’re primed to discern relationships from laughter accurately, without words.

Meet The OfficialDAIKON

Anybody who watches Twitch.tv can appreciate a good streamer. Some are great at commentary and really help their viewers experience a game. Others are educational, teaching their viewers how to better perform at a game, or even create games, art, and music. Some offer amazing graphics and animations that enhance their channel. And then there are those who build a community around their love of games and the creative work that goes into games and gaming.

With the gigantic number of streamers, it can be difficult finding a good one that offers all of the above. It’s perfectly normal to watch one stream to learn about top-tier game-play for a specific game, or watch a different one because of excellent games review and community interaction. Then sometimes you find a broadcast that does it all, and does it well. What’s more, is the noticeable improvement from week to week as the streamer and the community continues to enhance every aspect of the broadcast a little bit each day. One of my favorite broadcasters, OfficialDAIKON, manages this delicate balance every day.

Naturally, with anything new, there’s a breaking in period, a little culture shock, so I contacted the OPness himself to see if he’d like to answer a few questions while I do my best to enhance the starting knowledge of what you’re likely to find during an OfficialDAIKON broadcast.

On the OfficialDAIKON’s profile page, you’ll see a basic introduction:

Connecting individuals through gaming with positivity, friendship, and love.

Welcome to the Ragin’ Asian Show! I am OfficialDAIKON. You guys can call me Dai, Daichan, or the OPness! I am a variety caster focusing on chat interaction while playing anything from Retro Consoles to New Gen PC games. I also enjoy playing around with voice-overs on games to keep things entertaining.

I’ve been a console gamer since I was 4 years old in the 80’s. My first console was the Nintendo Famicom (ファミコン). One of my most fond memories growing up was going to friends’ houses and playing videos games on the floor or the couch beating video games together.


Of course, this barely scratches the surface. So let’s get acquainted with the OfficialDAIKON, the OPness himself.


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