A Budding Plan

Early one spring morning Titus wandered casually around his garden, the lone wolf prowling his domain. The small paths he’d laid out through the trees, and the bright sunlight that caused the first early blossoms to shine, presented flickering reminders. He walked effortlessly, a clear alternative to his previous life outside of Atlas, a life that involved hunting and slashing a hard path through the detritus of a crumbling world in order to find a new home; someplace to plant roots and grow something beautiful and reminiscent of his distant origins.

He knelt and brushed his fingers over the first tiny yellow petals of an apricot bonsai, marveling in their bright light. All around him early flowers blossomed and brightened the world with their explosions of color; yellow, white, pink, orange, red. At that moment, seeing the luminescent possibilities in every direction, Titus thought of Celeste, their nascent friendship so similar to these flowers. A rush of memories came through in every color; white and pink ice cream, the blood red remnants of a bar brawl. His eyes came to rest on a string of white cherry blossoms standing out against the blue sky, and as a light breeze caused them to dance he saw the streak of white through her blue hair.

In as much as a tree seemed a solitary thing, and so alone, it survived as part of an ecosystem. It gave to the world in which it existed. A gift was in order.

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“Oh, this is so good!”

“I know, right? How is it you’ve not had this stuff before.”

“I’ve been living in the wastes, remember?”

“Oh, that’s right. I guess I’ve fallen into such a rhythm here I completely forgot.”

“How could you forget? I mean, you remember that time we shot that orb out of the sky and all that?”

“Sure, sure, I remember. Then we got invited into Atlas, and now here we are, eating delicious chocolate!”

Image courtesy Celene – www.artbycelyne.com

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New Skin?

“Everybody gets one,” Helio said with a smile, “And this one is particularly unique.”

Zuki’s head lolled to the side as she looked up at the red and white fabric Helio held out before him. “How’re you gonna get it on him?”

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