All Freelancers Wallpaper Pack & Giveaway

Inspired by a few recent wallpapers that have popped up, I decided to throw together a wallpaper pack that includes a separate wallpaper for each freelancer in Atlas Reactor. Each freelancer’s color theme, name, and unique master title, is represented in the wallpaper, along with the reactor cityscape and Atlas Reactor logo. Check out some samples…

To go with my All Freelancers Wallpaper Pack, my friend LorenMichael has donated an All Freelancers Edition of Atlas Reactor to give away! Here’s how it’ll work…

Enter an email address to enter the raffle, and a link for the All Freelancers Wallpaper Pack will appear. On Sunday, February 12th, we’ll draw a random email and send the Atlas Reactor All Freelancers code to the lucky winner.  Cutoff to enter the giveaway is 12:00AM PST, Sunday, February 12th.

Only valid email addresses will be considered for the raffle. If you’re the winner, we’ll contact you to confirm your email address and only send you the code after you’ve responded.

Having been accepted into the Trion Creators program, I can enhance this giveaway a little more.  The winner will also receive a Grey Citadel skin code along with the copy of the game.  I will also draw from the pool to give a Grey Citadel skin to five lucky runners up!

The Giveaway has ended.  A big Thank You to everyone who participated!

Download the All Freelancers Wallpaper Pack: ARDesktops (167)

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