Atlas Reactor 101: Movement & Stats

Welcome to Atlas Reactor 101. This multi-part series aims to alleviate some of the confusion new players experience when getting into Atlas Reactor for the first time. I’ll introduce some of the game’s most basic mechanics, starting with simple topics such as movement and stats. In subsequent articles I’ll discuss topics such as cover and concealment, status effects, power orbs, phases and the simulation of simultaneity.

In this first part, let’s get a general understanding of moving around the game map and your freelancer’s stats.

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Overwatch Launch Links Part 2: Competitive

Even before the game has launched, Blizzard’s Overwatch fans have started putting together information on a competitive scene. This budding excitement for a solid pro-gaming showing definitely shows promise that Overwatch will become a major force in competitive gaming. In the spirit of my first launch links article, I thought it only appropriate that I try to throw together a few links introducing Overwatch’s pro-gaming developments.

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Overwatch Launch Links Part 1: Welcome to Overwatch

With Blizzard’s Overwatch launching in a little over a week, I’ve been keeping myself busy browsing YouTube videos and posts to load up on a few tips and tricks so that I don’t go into the game without some ammunition.

Since Overwatch definitely fits within the Blizzard game design paradigm—easy to play, difficult to master—no list can possibly cover all of the subtle details of the game’s finer points.  Still, I hoped some of these might come in handy for friends and viewers of my channel who might want a little insight into a few of the game’s finer details.

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Witness: 29 April 2016

Why understanding ancient languages would be important when we discover time travel.

Because obviously we need to eat our pea(s).

I’m ready for Max Payne 4 where Max discovers all the pills he’s been eating came from a corrupt pharmaceutical company. He agrees to undergo a special procedure to get off the pills and stop the evil pharma.

If our biggest tech companies can create porn loving Nazi AI, the next obvious step in our discomfort is to upload it into a robot that asks us to touch its ass.

Then again, maybe this is why I spend too long in the shower. Too many dirty thoughts.

Ever wonder how evil you might be? BBC Future has a little test you can take to find out.

Feel like expressing your emotions while out and about? OED lists a few choice words.

But we’re primed to discern relationships from laughter accurately, without words.

Meet The OfficialDAIKON

Anybody who watches can appreciate a good streamer. Some are great at commentary and really help their viewers experience a game. Others are educational, teaching their viewers how to better perform at a game, or even create games, art, and music. Some offer amazing graphics and animations that enhance their channel. And then there are those who build a community around their love of games and the creative work that goes into games and gaming.

With the gigantic number of streamers, it can be difficult finding a good one that offers all of the above. It’s perfectly normal to watch one stream to learn about top-tier game-play for a specific game, or watch a different one because of excellent games review and community interaction. Then sometimes you find a broadcast that does it all, and does it well. What’s more, is the noticeable improvement from week to week as the streamer and the community continues to enhance every aspect of the broadcast a little bit each day. One of my favorite broadcasters, OfficialDAIKON, manages this delicate balance every day.

Naturally, with anything new, there’s a breaking in period, a little culture shock, so I contacted the OPness himself to see if he’d like to answer a few questions while I do my best to enhance the starting knowledge of what you’re likely to find during an OfficialDAIKON broadcast.

On the OfficialDAIKON’s profile page, you’ll see a basic introduction:

Connecting individuals through gaming with positivity, friendship, and love.

Welcome to the Ragin’ Asian Show! I am OfficialDAIKON. You guys can call me Dai, Daichan, or the OPness! I am a variety caster focusing on chat interaction while playing anything from Retro Consoles to New Gen PC games. I also enjoy playing around with voice-overs on games to keep things entertaining.

I’ve been a console gamer since I was 4 years old in the 80’s. My first console was the Nintendo Famicom (ファミコン). One of my most fond memories growing up was going to friends’ houses and playing videos games on the floor or the couch beating video games together.


Of course, this barely scratches the surface. So let’s get acquainted with the OfficialDAIKON, the OPness himself.


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Tom Clancy’s The Division (PC) launch thoughts.

By now a ton of articles scattered around the Net have introduced most of you to The Division, and plenty of other reviews summarize some of the good and bad points of the game. The Division is a third-person cover shooter that takes place in a near-future New York City that has been devastated by a super-bug. There’s a campaign that tells a story, and a special area called The Darkzone for optional player-versus-player content. Without a doubt, the core game-play is fun, and delightful to look at.

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Witness: 14 March 2016

“On the command of men wearing money belts that buy mistresses sleek animal pelts. Too many puppies.” -Primus
Why, because apparently it’s really quite easy.

A long-time component to my cyberpunk contemplation, Aeon explores AI becoming conscious without our knowing it, and Conscious Entities rebuts.

Waterboarding reaches a whole new level when we start thinking about torturing robots.

Just in case you didn’t get all this, the important thing to remember is keep stress levels at a minimum.

Artificial Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Technology.

Witness: 23 February 2016

Want to learn how to chew out your uncle for getting too drunk and making an ass of himself the ancient Roman way? Now you can.

I can’t fathom why knowing multiple languages is ever a bad thing, but damn it if science isn’t working to prove otherwise.

Is educating AI via stories something of a quixotic endeavor?

Oxford dictionary has a breakdown of some endangered languages.

A few videos this time…

Novelist Chimamanda Adichie gives a talk over at TED on getting perspective.

The ups and downs of AI are explored in this video to help clarify where we really are with this stuff.

Lastly, learn about the Grimm history of the Umlaut.

Witness: 07 February 2016

In the world of games and AI, recent news about a new Go AI capable of beating humans. Conscious Entities offers a summary.


Since we’re dropping maths, here’s some that explains selfishness.

I knew a guy who once admired certain people in this manner; presence. I never quite understood what he meant until now.

Many recently celebrated the birthday of The King of Reggae, so here’s a little Oxford Words Blog intro into Bob Marley and the culture, and a little something to smoke while ya irie ponderin’ Jah.

More on language, Ars Technica has meetup with the creator of the Belter language used in the popular Expanse books and now Cable TV series.

Witness: 26 January 2016

“No, while most people have been at their unhappiest while in love, it is nevertheless the state the human being yearns for above all.”

Keep up on your ‘deep reading‘ techniques.

As VR headsets hit the market this year, don’t forget your cognitive biases to enhance your experience.

Another perspective on the psychology of stories; logic versus likeness.

Read literature and improve your state of mind. There’s a whole class on that.