New site, new approach (yet again).

Another year, another approach at a new website.  Granted, this one was inspired partly by the accidental deletion of my previous site (a misunderstanding of how the WordPress install script on my server functioned), but also due to something of a realization of myself and how I’m evolving as a creative individual.

Always repeating, slowly evolving.

I’ve set up the my primary domain,, to serve as something of a landing page now.  It sat unused for too many years.  Each of my projects will be listed there, and direct visitors to each project’s individual sub-domain.  The Sakeel sub-domain will remain my personal weblog for announcements and whatnot.

Much like evolution, this is all a work in progress.  At this point I hope that I’ve repeated enough, changed, and repeated again, to have evolved into something with better habits so as to regularly produce and share my creative efforts.

Onward from the primordial sludge!