Spot_The_Bot and cells.

With the addition of a snazzy new bot, Spot_The_Bot, in my stream, I’ve started setting up a few of the neat new features that come with the program. The first of which is a currency system.

Earning Cells

The currency you can earn while watching my stream is known as cells. Cells can only be earned while the stream is live and you are viewing.

Every new follower gets a one-time bonus of 5 cells, but you don’t need to follow the stream to earn cells.

You earn 1 cell every twelve minutes just by watching and an additional 1 cell for each twelve minute interval in which you also interact in chat. That comes to 5 cells per hour just watching, or 10 cells per hour if you’re chatting the entire hour.

Once you reach the first rank (more on that below) you become a regular and you earn an additional cell per twelve minute interval. Moderators also earn at this rate.


  • First time viewer: 1 cell every twelve minutes.
  • First time viewer active in chat: 1 additional cell every twelve minutes while active in chat.
  • Regulars and mods: 2 cells every twelve minutes.
  • Regulars and mods active in chat: 1 additional cell every twelve minutes while active in chat.

Special One-time Bonuses:

  • Follow bonus: 5 cells
  • Raider bonus: 10 cells

Raiders are special cases in that if another streamer raids my stream and the viewers that come along in the raid want to have some currency to use during their visit, they get a little spending cash right off. Of course if they follow and stick around they earn those additional cells as well.


There are five basic ranks to start with. I may add more ranks in the future, or adjust the cell requirements depending on how things work out.

  1. J.A.F.O. (10 cells)
  2. Kibitzer (301 cells)
  3. Witness (901 cells)
  4. Guide (1201 cells)
  5. Proof (2401 cells)

At the base rate, someone who simply watches and doesn’t interact in chat can become a regular viewer, J.A.F.O., in a matter of minutes. Interacting in chat and investing cells can easily speed that up.

Spending Cells

Moving forward, as I get used to working with this new bot and all its features, I’ll be implementing a few of the other features that Spot_The_Bot is capable of. Some of which include the ability to spend cells on little interactive chat games, betting, polls and raffles. As I get these other features setup and running, I’ll post more on their use, so stay tuned.


Right now, users are only able to see the number of cells they’ve earned, the number of hours they’ve viewed my channel, and their current rank. This can be done by typing the !cells command in chat.