Trion Creator Program Stream Giveaways

Having been accepted into the Trion Creator Program, I’ll periodically receive gift codes for Trion Worlds in-game loot. This means giveaways during my Twitch streams! Here’s how they’ll work.

First, go check out the post on Spot_the_Bot to learn about how to earn cells, the points system my bot uses. Next, hang out when I’m streaming and I’ll toss out a random giveaway at various times. When a giveaway is active, just type !chance in chat for a chance to win.

To enter a stream giveaway:

  • You must be a follower of my stream, and have accumulated at least 10 cells.
  • The cost for each giveaway entry is 10 cells.
  • You can only enter each giveaway once.
  • If you win a giveaway during a stream session, you cannot win another during that same stream session.

See you in chat!

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